BenchVent BV200H Hooded Spray Booth

Part Nos. 01164-BV200H, CHA3, FKA3, IFA3P

The BenchVent BV200H - benchtop spray booth solution for the filtration of Aerosol Adhesives, Aerosol Laquers, Fixatives, Airbrush Sprays and Spray Paints applied to artwork up to A2 in size. Can also be used to extract model aerosols and airbrush paints, cleaning solvents and light sanding/grinding particles.

This unit is designed for studio / workshop cleanliness and for immediate operator protection from concentrations of airborne contaminants.
They are not recommended for continual usage, i.e. production applications, particularly in confined and/or badly ventilated areas. See extraction cabinets BV200H-D and BV100H-D for total solvent odour and gas extraction, or BV660H-C or BV930H-C filtration cabinets for higher specification filtration.

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£882.00 £735.00
£882.00 £735.00
BenchVent are dedicated to providing reliable, high quality and cost-effective fume & dust extraction equipment. All products are designed to ensure that you can operate in a cleaner & healthier working environment.

Product Details

The BenchVent BV200H helps contain contaminant particles and harmful fumes from a number of different craft, hobby and education processes such as Aerosol adhesives (glue booth for Spray Mount), aerosol lacquers and fixatives and airbrush sprays applied to artwork up to A2 in size. Creating a cleaner, healthier working environment within art, graphics, hobbies, modelling and crafts. There is also an option for placing drawing boards within the hood of the spray booth at an angle for efficient over-spray capture. The workstation hood also accommodated prototypes, models, ceramic parts, PCB's etc, placed onto the base of the hood to be sprayed, soldered, cleaned glues, moulded or sanded etc.

The BV200H can be used for objects up to the dimensions of A2 in size (420 x 594 mm). The robust steel construction in finished in dove grey with a fan/filter unit mounted onto the hood enclosure and a number of different features including:

  • Particulate Filter
  • Carbon Impregnated Fibre Filter
  • Axial Fan (230v / 50Hz / 40W - 325m³/h)
  • External, Brushless type motor
  • UL, VDE & CSA approved
  • Sealed electrical wiring and switch, downstream of filters
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Technical Specification

BenchVent BV200H Hooded Spray Booth
  Model    BV200H  
  Fan Motor 

  230V 50Hz 40W

  110V 50Hz 40W

  Air Volume at Free Air  325 m³/hr
  Avg. Air Velocity at Filter Face    0.5 m/sec
  Avg. Air Velocity at Hood Face  0.25 m/sec
  Noise Level  59 dB(A)
  Filters  Particle Filter - IFA3
  Charcoal Filter - CHA2  
  Filter Kit (Includes 3 x Particle Filter & 1 x Charcoal Filter) - FKA2