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Purex Purex manufactures fume extraction systems with the aim of improving product quality and reducing process costs.

Purex CleanCab Enclosed Extraction Unit

Part Nos. 840150-840150, 840155, 840164, 840159, 840171, 840151, 840152, 840161

Quick Overview

The Purex CleanCab enclosure creates a larger, more secure capture area by joining to a pre-existing Purex extraction system. The CleanCab is ideal for users who solder electronics but need a contained work environment.

The CleanCab is available with a range of exhaust port sizes and adapters, meaning an option is available to match most systems.

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7-10 Days
£64.38 Excl. VAT £77.26 Inc. VAT

Product Details

If the operator requires a lower extraction area, the hood can be used seperately, mounted directly onto a workbench - the clear frame ensures that visibility is still kept to a maximum.

The CleanCab base is made from chemical resistant polypropylene. The hood is made of shatterproof polycarbonate.

The CleanCab is suitable for hand soldering, tinning/ potting, cleaning/gluing/varnishing and chemical handling. The system is particularly useful in environments which may become drafty. The enclosure stops drafts and winds from scattering fumes produced during the soldering process.

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Technical Specification

Purex CleanCab Enclosed Extraction Unit
  • Complete System Dimensions : 860 x 510 x 455mm
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