Geovent Channel Exhaust Systems for Vehicle Garages

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The Geovent Type 25 Channel Duct is used for the extraction of motor exhaust gases and welding fumes. The duct can be as large as 48 meters, and ensures a large working area for the operator, as the system can be slid and moved to a the desired area of extraction. By removing the fixed nature of traditional extraction systems, the user ceases dependency on electrical outlets or fixed fan positions.
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Geovent specialise in the supply of dust and fume extraction systems as well as industrial ventilation and local exhaust ventilation in automotive workshops. There is a huge range of products to choose from, and Geovent are constantly innovating to provide the best solutions for the market.

Product Details

The Channel Duct system is equippable with up to six moving trolleys in total. This allows for an optimal system that can provide exhaust extraction for many different vehicles simultainously.

The hose trolley is equipped with 6 smoothly rolling nylon wheels that ensure the easy sliding of the connection. By having the hose mounted above the user, heavy hoses no longer have to be rolled out in a workshop, and no longer pose a trip hazard to users.

The roof mounted system is also less likely to be ran over by vehicles moving around within the workshop. The channel duct is available with a substantial variety of optional accessories to help the user through daily operation, these include : Electrical Operation, Wireless Remote Control Movement and Compressed Air Nozzles for the automatic dismounting of exhaust nozzles. The Channel Duct system is easy to install and can usually be installed in a short period of time, which saves money on labour.

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Geovent Channel Exhaust Systems for Vehicle Garages
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