Dustcontrol DC AirCube 1200 Air Cleaner

Part Nos. 111002-111001

A robust and highly effective air cleaner with a medium capacity and size.This unit comes complete with a full set of filters.

Which air cleaner should I choose?
Dustcontrol’ s basic rule, is to multiply the number of cubic metres in a room by 10. For example: If you have a room measuring 40 m³, you will need an air cleaner with a capacity of 10 times 40, i.e. 400 m³. A DC AirCube 500 will be sufficient in this case.

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7-10 Days

£2,130.00 £1,775.00
£2,130.00 £1,775.00
DustControl provides mobile and stationary dust extraction systems to solve your dust problems. DustControl manufactures and customizes portable dust extractors and industrial extraction systems with very high levels of filtration to your requirements.

Product Details

The DC AirCube 1200 with ECO-fan is a compact, robust and high effecive air cleaner with a capacity and size in between the AirCube 500 and AirCube 2000. Due to its capacity it can also be used in large rooms (it cleans air up to 1100 m3/h). It is built from stainless steel sheet metal to be extra damage resistant.

The fan unit is a radial blower with a specially designed scroll to build up high pressure across its complete flow range. This means that the unit generates large amounts of airflow during the entire lifetime of the filter. It has a filter indication lamp that is lit when it's time to change the filter.

The DC Aircube 1200 is also equipped with variable speed transmission to save energy, e.g. at night. An exhaust hose can be used to create negative pressure in a sealed room.

When the suction power starts to drop due to excessive dust load, this is indicated by the red warning light – replace the pre-filter. Before changing the filter, make sure that the outlet is free when the warning light is lit. If the suction power is still weak after pre-filter replacement, replace the HEPA filter. In case of heavy dust load, the service life is shorter.

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