Binzel FEC On-Torch Weld Fume Extraction

Part No. 601.0001.1

The Binzel FEC On-Torch Weld Fume Extraction is designed to extract harmful fumes and gases created during welding.

Welding of non-alloyed steel, plus alloyed steel with alloy components e.g. Ni and Cr (highly alloyed steel with x ≥ 30% Ni-based alloys)

  • Start and stop systemCompatible with air and water-cooled fume extraction torches
  • Contamination free dust collection drawer
  • Integrated filter cleaning concept
  • LED display
  • Available in 110V and 230V
  • Choose a Nozzle or Welding Torch below - add an Upgraded Filter if you weld Stainless Steel

    Estimated lead time 4 weeks
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    Estimated lead time 4 weeks
    £2,394.00 £1,995.00
    £2,394.00 £1,995.00
    ABICOR BINZEL supplies for all working materials and applications the exact welding or cutting torch necessary. For the manual use or for the semi-or full automatic operation. Gas- or liquid-cooled. Wide range welding accessories as well as robotic peripheral systems.

    Product Details

    This unit works with the innovative cyclone technology. The extracted air is guided through the filter container in an optimised flow and in circles. Particles contained in the air are pressed against the container wall through the centrifugal force, separating the upstream from the filter and depositing in the dust collection drawer to reduce filter cleaning.

    The FEC can be connected to all standard air and water-cooled fume extraction torches. When the user starts the welding process, the extraction unit starts automatically thanks to the automatic start and stop system.

    The permanent filter can be easily and quickly cleaned with a rotating cleaning lance operated by compressed air.
    The new filter cleaning concept with a LED display makes the FEC efficient. A permanent filter is used instead of disposable filters. As soon as the negative pressure due to contamination is too high, the LED display signals the need for cleaning.


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    Technical Specification

    Binzel FEC On-Torch Weld Fume Extraction
    Dimensions (L x D x H)   590 x 425 x 825 mm
    Voltage 110V or 230V - 50Hz
    Power Consumption 1.1 kW
    Max. Pressure 19 000 Pa
    Max. Airflow 230 m³/h
    Weight Approx. 25 kg
    Connection diameters   50 mm
    Filter type Permanent filter dust class M, 0.8 m²
    Sound Level 76 dB(A)
    Fume Class W1 & W3