Translas W200 Two Welder Extraction Unit

Part No. DF-TW20

The Clear02 unit is available with power supply of 380-420V (W200) - 3kW - CE and W3 certified.
Max. suction flow: 250 m³/h

Estimated lead time 4 weeks
Estimated lead time 4 weeks
£5,252.40 £4,377.00
Welding torches and welding equipment from Translas are distinctive in ergonomics, durability, performance, shape and appearance. What makes Translas the number 1: Innovative, Sustainable, Flexible, Quality.

Product Details

The Clear02 W200 unit offers the practical solution for every welding fabrication environment. These units start with a two-welder solution up to ten-welder connection unit (with 4, 6 and 8 inbetween).

Easily switch between single and multi-player mode by connecting only the amount of extraction torches you need.

The electric motor of the unit is designed to work continuously without losing its power. Due to the automatic cleaning function and the simplified motor system, the maintenance on the unit is minimal, making it long-lasting and time-saving.

With a filter area of 5m², this is one of the most efficient units of its size with the largest filter. The filter is disposable and has an active surface with an efficiency: IFA > 99.8%.

The Clear02 unit generates 65dBa when in use, making it one of the quietest high-vacuum units on the market.

The lightweight, small size and four wheels make the Clear02 units preferable choice for high-mobility applications, such as shipbuilding and large fabricated components. The long reach of the 7XE Extractor hose gives welders exceptional mobility. Auto start stop

An automatic start and stop function to preserve energy and to synchronise the unit with the 7XE Extractor torch is a standard on the Clear02 units. When the welder lift the torch, the unit automatically starts working.


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