Sasoo S Air Purifier

Part No. SASOO-S

The Sasoo S air purifier is equipped with effective filtration technology, significantly reducing the number of solid particles in the air as well as reducing the risk of infection with viruses.

The HEPA filtration with its 99.995% efficiency ensures the removal of respiratory aerosols, viruses, bacterias, pollens, allergens fine dusts and particulates. Thanks to its design, the Sasoo S fits into any room, whether in a business environment, school, club or a restaurant.
Sasoo is equipped with a CO2 indicator, built-in the unit, which continuously measures the air quality and indicates its condition.The Sasoo S is equipped with casters.

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Sasoo has been manufacturing extraction and filtration for over 20 years. Made in Germany with engineering and quality expertise, the Sasoo range of air purifiers are equipped with HEPA and Activated Carbon Filters. Designed to clean indoor air effectively and sustainably.

Product Details


    6-fold air purification system, 99.995% separation efficiency, energy-saving EC fan.
    The unit runs silently in the background. At just 49 dB(A) for the Sasoo S, the air purifier is as quiet as a conversation.
    The Sasoo air purifier is an investment, which will pay off in the long run. Because the H14 particle filter also removes viruses, odours and bacterias from the air within the room.
    Place the Sasoo unit anywhere, connect the power supply and the unit will start purifying the air in a room of up to 30 m².
    Thanks to the scratch-resistant and impact-resistant casing made of metal and tempered glass, the Sasoo unit can withstand wear and tear from daily use. You can rely on a single H14 filter for up to 1,500 hours of operation.
    The aesthetic air purifier fits into any room. The Sasoo S is equipped with casters and can be simply moved from a room to another.


The Sasoo Air Filtration Process

Sasoo Air Filtration Process

  • Step 1: The contaminated air is sucked in at the top of the unit, through the inlet.
  • Step 2: The air flows through the HEPA H14 filter. Aerosols, viruses and other small particles in the nanoscale range are removed from the air with a separation rate of 99.995 %.
  • Step 3: An additional activated carbon filter removes odours from the air which is now free of viruses and other continaminants.
  • Step 4: The CO2 sensor continuously measures the air quality and indicates its condition.
  • Step 5: Clean air returns to the room without creating drafts from the outlets at the bottom of the purifier.

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Technical Specification

Sasoo S Air Purifier
 Dimensions (L x W x H)  650 x 350 x 750 mm
 Airflow  400 m³/h
 Room size  Up to 30 m²
 Power Consumption  1.5 A
 Electrical Connection  230 V, 50/60 Hz
 Sound Level  49 dB(A)
 Mobility  Manually driveable