AirBench MF600 Air Cleaning System

Part No. 01527

The MF600 is a simple air cleaner designed to capture dust and particulate from your workspace and return clean air to the room.

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AirBench manufactures high air volume, low velocity extraction systems, providing a demonstrable working solution to a wide range of dust and fume problems. All products are built to order in the UK.

Product Details

The MF600 Air Cleaning System can be placed on shelving or suspended from ceiling cables to improve general air cleanliness within your facility.

Running the unit during working hours will drastically improve the air quality of your environment. The two stage filtration provided by the unit ensures that fine particles are picked up and removed from the ambient air of the room.

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Technical Specification

AirBench MF600 Air Cleaning System
  • Dimensions : 1000 x 605 x 605mm