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Geovent Geovent specialise in the supply of dust and fume extraction systems as well as industrial ventilation and local exhaust ventilation in automotive workshops. There is a huge range of products to choose from, and Geovent are constantly innovating to provide the best solutions for the market.

Geofilter GFO-315 Oil Mist Filter

Part No. 15-320

Quick Overview

The Geofilter GFO is a filtration unit allowing oil mist to be filtered and exhausted into ducting, the design of the unit also allows for the lubricant or liquid used within the process to be re-circulated back to the machine for repeated use. The GFO can be used for a number of applications and has an easy filter changing system. This unit requires a separate external fan to be connected to allow airflow though the filters.

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Product Details

The Geofilter GFO for Oil mist extraction has bigger air flow capacities (1.800 m³/h) and higher filtration efficiencies (99.9 % at 0.3μm) than the traditional oil mist filters. Additionally the installation has been made easier. The GFO Filter is used for filtration of oil mists from machines such as CNC lathing, milling and drilling machines etc., which all use oil types such as cutting oil (regular, semi-synthetic or synthetic), or water based emulsions.

Spill oil filtrated liquids can be recycled back to the machine, saving money on expensive liquids. The filter cartridge is a washable filter membrane capable of handling both oil and water saturated mists and smoke. The lock system on the filter makes for easy cleaning and replacing of the cartridge.


  • Easy connection onto duction
  • Requires concetion to fan or seperate central extraction system to allow airflow through the filter
  • Allows re-circulation of lubricants and other CNC essential liquids
  • Can be used on a number of machines and processes
  • Easy changing of filters with unique lock system
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Geofilter GFO-315 Oil Mist Filter
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