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ESTA ESTA is one of the German leaders and manufacturers in the extraction technology area. ESTA offers a broad range of innovative products and tailor-made solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

ESTA Dustomat-16 M Portable Stone Masonry Dust Extractor (230V)

Part Nos. 09.420-09.421, 09.422

Quick Overview

The DUSTOMAT-16 M series has been developed for extracting mineral dusts from the stone industry at changing workstations. The precise extraction of stone, graphite and concrete dust is achieved using an extraction arm. The permanent filter cartridges can be cleaned and ensure a long filter service life and thus also low operating costs. The mobile dust extractors have been awarded the class "M" test certificate for the extraction of toxic dusts.

Application range

  • Dust extraction of individual machines and manual workstations
  • Pourable dust types - including hazardous types of dust

Ideal For

  • Metal shavings
  • Plastic dust
  • Wood shavings
  • Wood dust
  • Pigments
  • Tabacco fibres
  • Paper dust
  • Metal dust
  • Stone dust

    Delivery cost: £65

    Availability: Estimated lead time 4 - 6 weeks

    £3,555.00 Excl. VAT £4,266.00 Inc. VAT
    £3,555.00 Excl. VAT £4,266.00 Inc. VAT

    Product Details

    The Dustomat-16M has been developed to allow effective extraction at source and has been designed specifically for stone working. The machine is mobile and versatile, allowing stone dust extraction at changing workstations and covering a range of stone dusts including graphite, concrete, mineral and silica/stone dust. The Dustomat-16M can be used with extraction arms and hoods and the permanent filter cartridges can be cleaned to ensure a long filter service life and also low operating costs. The16M has been awarded the class "M" test certificate for the extraction of toxic dusts.

    Custom Design Options

    • Antistatic Filter Cartridge
    • Oil-/water-resistant filter cartridge, antistatic
    • Filter cartridge with PTFE-membrane, antistatic
    • Custom colour/Paint options

    Special Features

    • Three filter cleaning methods:
    • Brush cleaning method (manually)
    • Pulse jet cleaning method
    • Pneumatic filter cleaning
    • Cleanable long life cartridge filters (Dust classification M)
    • Test certificate M (Dustomat 16 M)
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