Novus Airtower Compact F


The Airtower Compact is a filter unit for the separation of aerosols, industrial dust, smoke and even virus particles. It is the slimmest model of the range, making it an ideal solution for indoor air purification with minimum space requirements.

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Novus Air specialises in the manufacturing of dust and fume extractors and rely on a balance between innovation and sustainability. Novus products are characterised by high technology standards and energy efficiency throughout the range.

Product Details

The Airtower compact uses a one-to-four-stage filtration process. The main filter can be selected in
different qualities (up to H14) depending on the type of emission. In the case of welding fume applications, a metal mesh is placed upstream of the main filter.

The Airtower compact can be operated with a minimal air flow rate of 3,400 m³/h to 4,250 m³/h, depending on the equipment. The reduced resistance from airflow ensures considerable energy consumption savings.

Equipped with an EC fan which is significantly more efficient, it also weighs less and is infinitely variable, quiet and responsive.

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Technical Specification

Novus Airtower Compact F
Model Compact 4.000 F
Airflow 4.250 m³/h
Motor Power 3,9 kW, 50 Hz, 400 V
Filter Class (Main Filter) ISO ePM1 80 %
Filter Area (Main Filter) 9 m2
Filter Class (Fine Dust Filter) ISO ePM1 80 % (optional)
Filter Area (Fine Dust Filter) 30 m2
Noise Level < 71 dB(A)
CEE-Plug 16 A
Weight ca. 150 kg