Bofa AD PVC iQ Laser Fume Extractor

Part No. L0952A

The Bofa AD PVC iQ laser fume extraction system has been specially designed to cater for the corrosive nature of the fumes generated when lasering PVC materials.

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£3,995.51 £3,329.59
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BOFA designs, develops and manufactures fume and dust extraction systems for a wide range of industrial sectors and applications. BOFA creates technologies that protect the health of millions of workers around the world …while at the same time improving industrial process performance by minimising disruption to production.

Product Details

The Bofa AD PVC iQ Laser Fume Extractor is a unique unit that has been specifically configured to deal with the corrosive fumes created during the lasering processes such as laser marking, coding and engraving of PVC materials.

The design specification of this system offers many features synonymous with the Bofa AD Oracle iQ model. Each unit is also fitted in addition to its excellent standard features with a HCL and VOC sensors which work together to constantly monitor the exhausted air from the unit, giving added peace of mind and safety assurance.


  • iQ operating system
  • Auto sensing voltage (90-257v)
  • Reverse Flow filter technology
  • Automatic flow control
  • Turbine with high airflow and pressure
  • Acid resistant coatings for corrosive PVC fume protection
  • HCL and VOC gas sensors
  • ‘Easi-Seal’ filter location mechanism
  • Compact design
  • Active Carbon Filtration technology
  • Low noise levels

Optional Features

  • Remote stop / start interface
  • Filter change / System fail signal


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Technical Specification

Bofa AD PVC iQ Laser Fume Extractor
  Dimensions (L x D x H)     570 x 640 x 1090 mm
  Cabinet Construction    Brushed stainless steel with epoxy coated internal contact parts  
  Airflow / Pressure  300 m²/hr / 96 mbar
  Electrical Data 90-257v 1ph 50/60 Hz Full load current: 11 amps / 1.1 kW
  Noise Level  < 60 dB(A)*
  Weight  95 kg
  Approvals  CE, UL

* At typical operating speed

  Pre Filter Specifications    Gas / HEPA Filter Specifications  
  Surface Media Area    2m² approx    HEPA Filter Media  Glass Fibre  
  Filter Media  Polyester

  HEPA Media


  Maxi Pleat Construction with Webbing   Spacers  

  Filter Media


  8 Pocket Bag Filter  

  Treated Activated


  Blend of impregnated activated carbons

  (21 kg) 

  Filter Efficiency

  F8 (95% @ 0.9


  Filter Housing

  Corrosion Resistant Coated Stainless


   Filter Efficiency  99.997% @ 0.3 microns