Binzel FES-200 W3 Portable On-Torch Welding Fume Extraction Unit

Part No. 601W3

This W3 Rated system is suitable for light welding of Stainless Steel - with added filtration to deal with chromium levels.

The Binzel FES 200 W3 connects directly to a extraction welding torch, allowing fumes to be removed directly at the point of creation. Fumes are extracted through the welding torch, before being filtered by the unit. The FES-200 W3 features a compressed air cleaning system, which blows compressed air down the main filter, dropping particles into a collection tray for disposal. This system features an automatic start-stop system to preserve energy, extend life of the motor and the reduce noise levels in the workshop.

Select from a range of extraction torches to suit your welding process and preferences.

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£2,634.00 £2,195.00
ABICOR BINZEL supplies for all working materials and applications the exact welding or cutting torch necessary. For the manual use or for the semi-or full automatic operation. Gas- or liquid-cooled. Wide range welding accessories as well as robotic peripheral systems.
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Product Details

The FES-200 W3 is ideal for light to moderate levels of welding on a daily basis, including the welding of high chromium metals. The filter can be cleaned using a clean compressed-air pump system on the top of the unit. This blows particles from the filter of the unit into a collection tray - keeping both maintenance costs and consumable costs to a minimum.


 Torch Type   Cooling Type    CO2 Requirements   Gas Requirements   Lengths Available 
 RAB 'Grip' 25 AK   Air Cooled   230A CO2   200 A Mixed Gas   3/4/5 Metres 
 RAB 'Grip' 25 HD   Air Cooled   230A CO2   200 A Mixed Gas   3/4/5 Metres 
 RAB 'Grip' 255   Air Cooled   280A CO2   200 A Mixed Gas   3/4/5 Metres 
 RAB 'Grip' 36 KD   Air Cooled   300A CO2   270 A Mixed Gas   3/4/5 Metres 
 RAB 'Grip' 355   Air Cooled   300A CO2   270 A Mixed Gas   3/4/5 Metres 
 RAB 'Grip' 501D   Liquid Cooled   500A CO2   270 A Mixed Gas   3/4 Metres 

The FES-200 W3 is a unique system developed and perfected by the experienced welding team of Binzel.

This unit allows the welder to work with minimal intrusion from their extraction system. Unlike typical Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems (LEV), the on-torch method does not require a cumbersome arm or table system which locks the user to a single welding position. With an on-torch system, the extraction hood is built into the tip of the torch, meaning that any fumes created are captured directly before ever reaching the user's breathing space. Extraction also gives the user a better field of vision upon their weld, as thick smogs, smokes and vapours are removed from the eye-line of the user.

The FES-200 W3 features an automatic start/stop system, which senses when the arc is struck during a weld. This causes the system to activate, and the fumes to be extracted. 


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Technical Specification

Binzel FES-200 W3 Portable On-Torch Welding Fume Extraction Unit
  • Dimensions : 610 x 210 x 590mm
  • Weight : 23.5kg
  • Airflow : 200 m3/h