TOFILpro - Mobile Extraction Unit

Part No. TOFILpro

The Tofil PRO series of mobile filters are designed for medium to heavy dust and fume load.

Thanks to its specially designed hood and high suction power, it is used to capture the medium to heavy dust and fume loads that are released during various applications by extracting air from the source, filtering the contaminated air with high efficient cartridge filters, and then recirculating the cleaned air back into the work area.

Therefore, the TOFIL PRO helps to provide a more efficient and safer working environment by minimizing the amount of harmful dust particles within the working area.

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£3,367.20 £2,806.00
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Bomaksan is a dynamic and innovative brand that focuses on environmentally friendly solutions. They provide AES with production of Dust & Fume Collection and Filtration devices. Bomaksan provide successful solutions for dust, gas, and fume problems of various industrial facilities. Products such as extraction arms, jet-pulse filters, centrifugal fans, cyclones, and oil mist filters for a range of industries are available.

Product Details

Tofil PRO series mobile filter units are equipped with cleanable cartridge filters, 360-degree rotating extraction arm, radial fan with high efficiency and high suction power, fan rotation direction warning light, filter clog sensor and state of the art led lighting brand operating hour counter.

Thanks to these features, Tofil PRO series mobile filter units not only bring low maintenance costs but also provide extra ease of use to the operators.

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Technical Specification

TOFILpro - Mobile Extraction Unit
Extraction Capacity (Airflow) 1400 m³/h
Noise Level 72 dB(a)
Motor Power 1.1 kW - 3000 rpm
Power Supply 380 V / 50 Hz
Arm Length 2m or 3m
Dimensions (W x L x H) 650 x 815 x 1320 mm


Filter Type  Cartridge
Filter Media
Standard nanoBLEND FR
Optional polyMIGHT PTFE 65
No of Cartridge Filters 1
Total Filtation Area
Standard 24 m²
Optional 20 m²
Filtration Efficiency
Standard F9 Class
Optional H13/H14 Class