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Schuko Vacomat 350 XP

Part No. 623020

Quick Overview

Schuko Vacomat 350 XP Mobile Wood Dust Extractor

Large dust extractor with four chip collection tanks.

  • For powerful centralised multi-point extraction
  • Can be combined with various chip discharge systems
  • H3 and GS test marks, dust class M
  • Equipped with proven SchukoCone<sup®<> filter bags</sup®<>
  • Delivered preassembled and ready to plug in for immediate use

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Product Details

The Schuko Vacomat 350 XP large dust extractor is the ideal filtration system for multi-machine extraction. Airflows of up to 7,950 m³/h are possible with this clean air extraction system, making it interesting for CNC machines, wide belt sanders or complete workshops.

The standard Vacomat 350 XP comes with an automatic controller to ensure that the powerful extraction system is not forgotten or run at no load. If an attached machine is turned on, the dust extractor fan starts automatically, causing extraction to begin immediately.

Cleaning of the filter bags starts automatically once all connected machine tools have been shut off. Our patented filter shake-off process cleans the filter bags by a combined pneumatic and mechanical action. Via connection to a compressed air supply dust and chips are discharged through a shaking action (inlet pressure: 6 bar, air requirements per cleaning cycle: approx. 11 l).

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Technical Specification

Schuko Vacomat 350 XP
Vacomat350 XP
 Art. no.  623 020 
 Suction nozzle Ø (mm) 350
 Motor (kW) 11
 Maximum flow rate (m³/h) 7,950
 Nominal volume flow at 20 m/s (m³/h)  6,927
 Suction pressure (pa) 3,365
 Filter surface area (m²) 50
 Weight (kg) 1,070
 Sound pressure level (dB[A]) 70
 Chip collection volume capacity (l) 4 x 120

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