Purex 1500i Digital Fume Extractor

Part Nos. 0LX1510D-0LX1510D, 0LX1511D, 021820iD, 021820iD, 021821iD

This high end unit features an airflow of 1700 m3/ hr, produced by a highly efficient 3.4kW motor. This unit is ideal for use with multiple soldering stations, or single large scale laser cutting/scoring machines. Filters can be supplied for processes that produce large volumes of chemical fumes, such as when lasering acrylics

The unit is available in either 110V or 230V.

Please select either Volume control or Vacuum control when purchasing the unit.

Estimated lead time - 3 weeks
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Estimated lead time - 3 weeks
£5,642.34 £4,701.95
£5,642.34 £4,701.95
Purex manufactures fume extraction systems with the aim of improving product quality and reducing process costs.

Product Details

Purex digital units give the user a full overview of the performance of their extraction unit. The readout located on the front panel of the machine shows the status of the filter, the airflow and the temperature the unit is operating at. This advanced information allows the operator to pre-emptively source and stock filters in order to keep production downtime to a minimum.

The speed of the unit is fully controllable through the digital interface. The unit will also maintain an even flow automatically. As the filter blocks, the system will adjust to combat the saturation level. 

Constructed from precision made stainless steel. Heavy duty castors allow for the unit to be repositioned to locations around the workshop.


  • 1) Air inlet - 150mm safe seal 
  • 2) Pre-filter 
  • 3) Main Filter (HEPA location)
  • 4) Main Filter (Carbon location)
  • 5) Clean air returned to workplace
  • 6) Filter locking handle
  • 7) Filter identification label

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Technical Specification

Purex 1500i Digital Fume Extractor
  • Dimensions : 725 x 726 x 1400mm