Nederman 300E Mobile High Vacuum On-Torch Extraction Kit

Part No. 67000051

The AES on-torch welding fume extraction package includes a Nederman 300E mobile high-vacuum extraction unit, 5m of ø50 mm vacuum hose for increased range and a welding torch with integrated extractor hood.
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Product Details

The Nederman 300E is a versatile and user friendly extraction unit. The unit is very reliable and handling of the unit is made simple by the reduced weight and increased mobility. The 300E combines 4 wheels, including 2 swiveling castors to allow for excellent mobility. In terms of technical specification, the 300E is capable of producing a maximum negative pressure vacuum of -22 kPa and a max. airflow of 300 m³/h, which is ideal for most welding operations. The bag filters within the 300E unit are robust and well constructed, providing ease of collection and disposal of dust and welding fume. The filters are easy to clean and have a service lifetime of 4000-6000 hours.

 This package includes 5m of Ø50mm vacuum hose, and an ergonomic and efficient air-cooled torch with integrated weld fume extraction. Ideal when working on long welds or when versatility and maneuverability is key.

The extractor torch provided with the AES on-torch welding fume extraction package reduces the welders exposure to welding fumes by at least 90-95%, as measured in the TNO worst case room. The integrated extraction of the torch compared to the current generation of smoke-extraction torches available achieves a smoke reduction factor of 20, whilst the current range achieve a reduction factor of 2. Another great benefit of the extractor torch  is the lightweight, ergonomic handle, which is facilitated by a flexible ball-joint for maximum dexterity and ease of handling. The conically tapering hose has been designed to allow the welder with the best weld view possible,  optimised by the design of the suction head.


  • High filtration efficiency
  • -22kPa Max. Vacuum
  • 300m³/h Max. Airflow
  • Long filter lifetime
  • Easy to transport
  • Low noise level
  • Torch with integrated extraction
  • 5m, Ø50 mm vacuum hose for increased range.
  • A conical suction hose tapering from Ø 36 mm to Ø 44 mm

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