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UK wide provider of Dust & Fume Extraction

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Monmouth Scientific
Monmouth Scientific Monmouth Scientific design and manufactures Laboratory Equipment and Fume Cupboards for Educational and Commercial use. Established in 2004, the British company provides high quality products and systems installed in multiple systems across the UK.

Monmouth Scientific Clean Air Modules

Part Nos. CAM400-CAM900, CAM1000, CAMT2000, CAM2250

Quick Overview

The Monmouth Scientific Clean Air Modules (CAM) can be fitted to a wall, floor or ceiling designed to create a positive pressure environment within cleanrooms.

These systems have varied air speed controls and provide clean air through an EU4 grade pre filter and an H14 HEPA filter, which is 99.997% efficient at 0.3 microns.

Delivery cost: £65

Availability: Estimated lead time - 3 weeks

Estimated lead time - 3 weeks
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Product Details

Clean Air Modules available:

  • CAM 400
  • CAM 900
  • CAM 1000
  • CAM 2250-T2


  • Ultra Clean Air
  • Ceiling or Wall Mounted
  • ISO 5 Clean Environment
  • Low Airflow Sensor (CAM 1000 - CAM 2250-T2)
  • Remote Control Panel (CAM 2250-T2)
  • High Quality Filters
  • Filter Fan Speed Control (CAM 400 - CAM 900)
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Monmouth Scientific Clean Air Modules
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