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GEF GEF are a bespoke Italian Manufacturing firm specialising in the design of local exhaust ventilation equipment which is high in quality. GEF’s versatile range offers products from portable weld fume extractors, downdraft benches for many applications and large filter units for specialist projects.

GEF DPA Wet Filter for Metalworking

Part Nos. 01023-DPA 3, DPA 5.5, DPA 7.5, DPA 11

Quick Overview

The uniquely designed DPA unit from GEF combines clever mechanical and electrical features along with efficient filtration to create a ideal solution for processes using ceramics, minerals, plastics and metals. The DPA filter unit requires minimal operator labour due to its versatile design.

Note : this unit requires plumbing in order to function properly.

AES can supply the DPA unit in a number of material and finish options to suit your specific needs.

An ATEX version of this product is available. Please select below.

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Product Details

The unit filters contaminants through a layer of water, which causes them to sink to the bottom. This layer of water also acts to extinguish hot particles.
Smaller particles which are not collected through the water stage are then captured in a synthetic filter.
When the water level becomes too high, the unit will self regulate, removing the excess water from the system.
When the unit fills with captured particles, all water can be drained and the unit can be emptied manually.

The GEF DPA is a uniquely designed unit which circulates the airflow in a specific way to increase the filter efficiency. This system has been designed so that the centrifugal force created within the housing separates the contaminant from the clean air, allowing the sediment and polluted particles to be collected within the water tank. The pollutant can then be disposed of easily and fresh water can be replaced to continue the filtration cycle. The DPA unit requires minimum maintenance with the only operation having to be carried out is the change of water after the sediment is removed. The DPA unit can be installed directly into the existing process to begin efficient filtration of the contaminant source, making it the ideal wet collector and a great solution for many processes.


  • Fan
  • Electrical panel with inverter for low energy consumption consume and performance control
  • Tap for discharging water
  • Automatic water feeding
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Technical Specification

GEF DPA Wet Filter for Metalworking
  Model    AirFlow    Fan Power    ATEX Suitable  
  DPA-3    3500m3/hr    3kW    NO  
  DPA-5.5    6500m3/hr    5.5kW    NO  
  DPA-7.5    8500m3/hr    7.5kW    NO  
  DPA-11    12000m3/hr    11kW    NO  
  DPA-3-ATEX    3500m3/hr    3kW    Yes - ATEX Motor and Spark Nozzle  
  DPA-5.5-ATEX    6500m3/hr    5.5kW    Yes - ATEX Motor and Spark Nozzle  
  DPA-7.5-ATEX    8500m3/hr    7.5kW    Yes - ATEX Motor and Spark Nozzle  
  DPA-11-ATEX    12000m3/hr    11kW    Yes - ATEX Motor and Spark Nozzle  
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