GEF OR Horizontal Cartridge Filter Unit

Part Nos. 01002-FEC 4 OR - 2, FEC 6 OR - 2, FEC 8 OR -2, FEC 4 OR, FEC 6 OR, FEC 8 OR, FEC 9 OR, FEC 12 OR, FEC 15 OR, FEC 18 OR, FEC 21 OR, FEC 24 OR, FEC 30 OR, FEC 36 OR, FEC 42 OR

The GEF OR Horizontal Filter Unit uses cartridge filters fixed horizontally to the unit which can be easily removed and replaced via the front of the unit. Suitable for industries such as welding, chemicals, food/pharmaceuticals and plastics.

The OR comes fitted as standard with a hopper and collection bin and reverse jet pulse cleaning with compressed air. The filter surface area in the GEF OR series ranges from 40m² to 840m², making the OR configurable for any scale of operation. A number of accessories and options are available for this filter unit to fit any industry, AES can provide expert consultation to help you configure the most appropriate system.


  • Chemicals
  • Food Industry
  • Mechanical
  • Plastic Dust
  • Welding Fumes

Note: The GEF OR is not supplied with an extraction fan.

AES can supply the OR unit in a number of different material and finish options.

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GEF are a bespoke Italian Manufacturing firm specialising in the design of local exhaust ventilation equipment which is high in quality. GEF’s versatile range offers products from portable weld fume extractors, downdraft benches for many applications and large filter units for specialist projects.

Product Details

The GEF OR series uses horizontal cartridge filters to perform high efficiency filtration of dust and fumes. The quantity of filter surface area in the series ranges from 40m² to 840m² meaning that the GEF OR filters can be suitable no matter the scale of the application. This timeless design uses a 'Downflow' system, the OR is one of the original filter unit designs in the GEF range and has improved greatly throughout the years.  

Another advantage of the horizontal positioning of the filters allows the unit to keep its compact form, and maintain a large filter surface area. The filter unit is able to take up little floor space and have a lower height due to the filter configuration inside. Fitted as standard, automatic reverse jet cleaning with compressed air ensure a long service lifetime of the filter media. In case of explosive dusts, an explosion relief panel can be installed. Please contact AES for any ATEX enquiries.

Standard Features

  • Filteri surface from 40 to 840 m² with cellulose / polyester / antistatic polyester cartridges
  • Automatic reverse jet cleaning
  • Collection bin from 200 L
  • Max. vacuum 3500 Pa
  • Max. temperature 80°C.


  • Filter materials for specific dust
  • Suitable fan
  • Electrical panel for fan and cleaning
  • Electrical panel with inverter for low consume and performance control
  • Differential pressure gauge for filter efficiency and best cleaning quality
  • Bin balanced system
  • Access ladder
  • Available with ATEX components zone 22 3D
  • Fire protection system

The GEF OR is available in a number of materials and paint options on request, please use our "Request a Quote" function above.

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