GEF FT Modular Filter System

Part Nos. 01020-FT 2000, FT 3500, FT 6000, FT 8000, FT 12000, FTC 2000, FTC 3500, FTC 6000, FTC 8000, FTC 12000, FTPC 40, FTPC 80, FPC 40, FPC 80, FTAS 2000, FTAS 3500, FTASC 2000, FTASC 3500

The GEF FT Modular Filter System for use in small to medium airflows and operations for occasional use and light applications. The modular filter system can be configured in many different combinations, with differetn levels of carbon filter media and filter surface areas/fan airflow. The FT comes in the followiong models:

  1. FT filtration metallic pre-filter with pocket filters.
  2. FTC metallic pre-filter, pocket filters and active carbon.
  3. FTPC metallic pre-filter, pocket filters and medium quantity of carbon.
  4. FPC metallic pre-filter, high quantity of carbon with high absorption cartridges.
  5. FTAS metallic pre-filter, pocket filters with built-in fan.
  6. FTASC metallic pre-filter, pocket filters, small quantity of carbon and built-in fan.


  • Mechanical
  • Painting & Solvents
  • Plastic Dust
  • Welding Fumes

AES can supply the FT Modular Filter System in a number of material and finish options.

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GEF are a bespoke Italian Manufacturing firm specialising in the design of local exhaust ventilation equipment which is high in quality. GEF’s versatile range offers products from portable weld fume extractors, downdraft benches for many applications and large filter units for specialist projects.

Product Details

The Modular Filter System from GEF is an extremely customisable unit ideal for the filtration of welding fumes. The FT units can be configured with a number of different options including different levels of carbon filter media, with or without a built in fan, and also different filter surface areas.


• Filtering surface from 8.5 to 54 m² with pocket filters
• Active carbon from 4.5 to 80 kg
• Inlet fan 1.5 or 2.2 KW
• Inlet and outlet on different side
• Max. vacuum 1500 Pa
• Max. temperature with carbon 60°C
• Max. temperature without carbon 80°C


• Inlet duct connection
• Outlet duct connection
• Mounting brackets
• Switch for on/off.

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