ESTA Oval Hood Extraction Arm ø100 - ø140 mm

Part Nos. 01196-10.152, 10.202, 10.302, 10.4024, 10.402, 10.502, 10.602, 10.8024, 12.152, 12.202, 12.302, 12.4024, 12.402, 12.502, 12.602, 12.8024, 14.152, 14.202, 14.302, 14.4024, 14.402, 14.502, 14.602, 14.8024

ESTA extraction arms capture welding and soldering smoke, gases, fumes and dusts right at the source. They can be connected to fans or to a central extraction system through a pipeline. Pneumatic springs ensure that the extraction arms can be moved to the desired position within their range. The external beam construction ensures that the airflow volume is not impeded and that effective extraction can be achieved.

The ESTA extraction arms are delivered fully assembled, saving you time and prevents unnecessary installation errors.

Based on your individual application, extraction arms can be delivered with various extraction hoods, hoses, mounting types and with many widths (50 mm to 200 mm) and ranges (1,5 m to 8,0 m).

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ESTA is one of the German leaders and manufacturers in the extraction technology area. ESTA offers a broad range of innovative products and tailor-made solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

Product Details

ESTA extraction arms are an ideal solution for the precise, flexible capturing of dusts, vapor and fumes. The ESTA Oval extraction arm hood can easily be moved to any extraction point and held there reliably. The oval hood extraction arm allows extraction of individual and multiple workstations in industrial and skilled trade applications, for connection to a separate extraction unit or ducting.


  • External beam construction
  • Unobstructed air flow inside the extraction arm
  • Gas springs for easy adjustment
  • Optional: reducer and gate valves available for regulating the airflow
  • Optional: installation of lighting
  • Optional: ATEX version
  • Large selection of diameters and sizes
  • High flexibility
  • Easy Handling
  • Targeted extraction

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