Dustcontrol DC 5800 H Turbo EX

Part No. 119312

The Dustcontrol DC 5800 H Turbo EX is a dust extractor designed for the removal of hazardous dusts in explosive atmospheres.

 The unit is suitable for general cleaning and can used with a large range of hand held accessories. The unit has a robust and sturdy design for maximum dependability, coupled with a direct driven turbo pump for continuous operation.

Certified to IP 65 standard, ATEX Zone 22.

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DustControl provides mobile and stationary dust extraction systems to solve your dust problems. DustControl manufactures and customizes portable dust extractors and industrial extraction systems with very high levels of filtration to your requirements.

Product Details

The Dustcontrol DC 5800 H Turbo EX is an extraction unit suitable for the removal of dry, hazardous, inflammable, conductive dust according to dust class H in Zone 22.

This dust extractor is an electrically driven dust separator of robust design for use in connection with dust generating activities in the industry. The explosion protection is provided by insulation of the electrical parts and potential equalization of the components that come into contact with dust.

The machine can be used at temperatures between +10 and +40°C and is suitable for general cleaning.

The dust extractor uses negative pressure to force the air through suction cover/nozzle, hose system, pre-separator and dust separator. Coarse separation is carried out in the machine’s cyclone. The fine dust is then separated in the unit’s filter cartridge. Reverse pulse filter cleaning ensures extended life.

CAUTION: This machine contains hazardous dust. Emptying and maintenance (including removal of the dust extraction container) must only be carried out by qualified personnel who must wear appropriate protective equipment.

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Technical Specification

Dustcontrol DC 5800 H Turbo EX
  Dimensions (LxWxH)   1942 x 780 x 1160 mm  
  Voltage   400 V
  Power Consumption    4000 W - 50 Hz
  Max. Negative Pressure    28 kPa
  Max. Airflow   470 m³/h
  Collection Container   40 litres
  Weight   170 kg
  Inlet   Ø 76 mm
  Hose Length (Ø50)   5-30 m
  Fine Filter Polyester Area    8.3 m²
  Fine Filter Efficiency   99.9%
  HEPA Filter Area   2.7 m²
  HEPA Filter Efficiency   99.995%
  Sound Level   <75 dB(A)