Purair EDU Classic Ductless Classroom Demonstration Fume Hood


The EDU Classic is mounted on a wheeled cart with an enclosed chemical storage area in the base cabinet.

The EDU Series Ductless Demonstration Fume Hoods are designed to provide 360° visibility while protecting users and the classroom environment from hazardous vapors generated on and above the work surface.

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£3,533.92 £2,944.93
£3,533.92 £2,944.93
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Air Science
Air Science
Air Science manufactures a complete series of high efficiency ductless fume hoods, workstations as well as laboratory filtration products and custom enclosures designed to protect the user, process and environment from hazardous substances.

Product Details

Using innovative filtration technology, the EDU Series creates a safe work environment over the widest range of applications in the industry;

  • Science Class Lectures
  • Safety Practice
  • Demonstrations
  • Laboratory Assignments

At the heart of the EDU Series product line is innovative filtration technology. The Multiplex Filtration System consists of a prefilter, main activated carbon or HEPA/ULPA filter and safety activated carbon or HEPA/ULPA filter.

Key Features

  • High efficiency ebm-papst EC blower.
  • Energy saving LED lighting.
  • Protects the operator from fume and (with added HEPA/ULPA filter) particle hazards.
  • Improved filter clamping eliminates bypass leakage.
  • Filter blockage alarm.

Options & Accessories

ADV-P Filter Saturation Alarm with Autocal Airflow Display Control Panel Option
FSA FSA® Filter Saturation Alarm, Limited Detection of low concentrations of Hydrocarbon, some gases and Organic Acids
AUTOCAL AUTOCAL® Airflow Display, LED 7 Segment, Displays in m/s or fpm. TEC2320
MON-P MONITAIR® Microprocessor Control Panel Option
DOCK-S Docking station with flexible water, gas and waste hoses and quick release connections 
DSSO Double electrical socket with trailing lead 
P-Water CW Tap, drip cup and bottle trap only 



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Technical Specification

Purair EDU Classic Ductless Classroom Demonstration Fume Hood
Airflow Direction Upflow
Pre-Filter 100 fpm
Main Filter 22
Construction White epoxy steel frame and head unit, clear sides and back panel.
Blower Centrifugal fan.
Controls Main On/Off.
Electrical 230V, 50Hz
Monitoring Filter blockage alarm, standard.
Internal Height 965 mm
External (W x D x H) 1003 × 724 × 2210 mm
Shipping (W x D x H) 1219 × 1016 × 2362 mm
Weight 159 kg