GEF FEMD Shaker Bag Filter Unit

Part Nos. 01014-FEMD 34, FEMD 68, FEMD 90, FEMD 138, FEMD 180

The GEF FEMD Bag Filter Unit uses a sleeve bag filters and a shaker cleaning system to efficiently filter medium air volumes. The GEF FEMD is designed to support a strong vacuum pressure and is designed with a plenum chamber in order to separate larger particles at the first point of filtration. The shaker cleaning system offers high performance at low energy consumption levels.


  • Mechanical
  • Metal treatment
  • Stone Dust
  • Wood Dust
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GEF are a bespoke Italian Manufacturing firm specialising in the design of local exhaust ventilation equipment which is high in quality. GEF’s versatile range offers products from portable weld fume extractors, downdraft benches for many applications and large filter units for specialist projects.

Product Details

The FEMD filter unit, supplied with filter bags and a shaker cleaning system for efficient and effective filtration of contaminant dust. The shaker cleaning system is a high performance option that does not incur high energy costs. The collection bin and hopper configuration allow for the easy disposal of the collected dust. 


• Filter surface from 24 to 128 m2 with polyester bags 350 g/m2
• Shaker cleaning
• Available with inlet fan from 3 to 11 KW
• Collection bin of 170 L
• Inlet & outlets on different side
• Max. vacuum 4000 Pa
• Max. temperature 80°C


• Electrical panel for fan and shaker cleaning
• Electrical panel with inverter for low consume and performance control
• Differential pressure gauge for filter efficiency and best cleaning quality
• Bin balanced system
• Access ladder
• Available with ATEX components zone 22 3D
• Available with screw conveyor and rotary valve
• HEPA filter on discharge
• Fire protection system

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