GEF FCA Active Carbon Filter Unit

Part Nos. 01022-FCA 500, FCA 1000, FCA 2000, FCA 3000, FCA 4000, FCA 5000

The GEF FCA units are the series of large units for the effective extraction and filtration of fumes for heavy duty applications. This series uses carbon filter media to absorb any contaminant fume and structure of the cartridge filters allows the unit to have a high level of performance and also a large filter surface area. The FCA filter units are supplied with three stage filtration as standard:

  1. First stage of filtration using a polyester or paint stop filter 
  2. Second stage for finer filtration using a synthetic filter
  3. Final stage utilising the thin layer of activated carbon cartridges for efficient fume absorption

AES can supply the FCA units in a number of custom finished including materials and painting options.


  • Food Industry
  • Mechanical
  • Painting & Solvents
  • Plastic Dust
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GEF are a bespoke Italian Manufacturing firm specialising in the design of local exhaust ventilation equipment which is high in quality. GEF’s versatile range offers products from portable weld fume extractors, downdraft benches for many applications and large filter units for specialist projects.

Product Details

The GEF FCA unit uses activated carbon to effectively filter the contaminant fumes created by heavy duty applications. The FCA series use a larger amount of carbon filter media to deal with large volumes of contaminant fumes, the unit uses cartridge fiters with carbon media which do not compromise in performance and maintain the characteristics and dwell time compared to that of a standard carbon filter.

The FCA units come in a wide range of configurations, from 1 to 10 cartridges and up to 31m² of filter area. Ideal for use in chemical and pharmaceutical environemnts, and when working with organic solvent fumes, the FCA is specced to deal witht eh heaviest of application and use.


  • Loading carbon duct
  • Discharging shutter for exhausted carbon
  • Access ladder and railing
  • Max. vacuum 3500 Pa
  • Max. temperature 60°C.


  • Active carbon for specific fumes
  • Suitable fan
  • Electrical panel for the fan
  • Electrical panel with inverter for low energy consumption and performance control.

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