Filtermist F Monitor 2+

Part No. 20-211-30-030

Filtermist F Monitor 2+ monitors your Filtermist Oil Mist Extraction System and lets you know instantly if wether:

  • Your Installation needs serviced
  • Your current Airflow capacity
  • Your afterfilter, ducting or extracting point is blocked.

The F Monitor 2+ is supplied with a Temperature and Vibration Sensor.

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Filtermist provides an extensive range of products designed to ensure the air in production facilities is free from contaminants such as oil mist, dust and fumes. Filtermist aims to protect people by insuring cleaner, safer, and productive working environments.

Product Details

The Filtermist F Monitor 2+ uses globally recognised traffic light system of coloured warning lights to alert machine operators when an oil mist collector needs servicing.
The Filtermist F Monitor 2+ measure airflow and time. The F Monitor 2+ has the additional functionality to measure vibration and motor temperature - making it even easier to identify when your Filtermist unit needs servicing.
It is sold as an optional acccesory and can be retro-fitted to the complete Filtermist range.
The F Monitor 2+ has Bluetooth connectivity which enables it to link to a dedicated app on a smartphone or tablet. The app allows the user to easily adjust the time, airflow, vibration or temperature parameters to suit particular applications.
If everything is performing ad intended when the unit was installed, the lights stay green. Any change in these variants triggers a change of colour to either amber or red depending on the size of change.
  • Supplied with 3 meters of pre-wired cable.
  • Easy to install.
  • Option to purchase the sensor (to measure vibration and temperature) separately if and when required.

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Technical Specification

Filtermist F Monitor 2+
 Product Name  F Monitor 2+
 Part Number  20-211-30-030
  • Time
  • Vibration
  • Airflow
  • Temperature