EVO-TEC SuperSilent Industrial Vac EPS 2130/2140

Part Nos. 251-4020-251-4021, 251-4022, 251-4023, 251-4030, 251-4031, 251-4032, 251-4033

The EVO-TEC SuperSilent Industrial Vac EPS 2130/2140 is a powerful supersilent industrial vacuum cleaner designed for the extraction of all dry dusts - from coarse dirt to fine dusts.

The unit is suitable for three-shift-operation, and can also be used on pipe systems or with very long suction hoses. The vacuum cleaner is supplied with a vacuum gauge for filter monitoring, a tool-less filter change (easy and safe for staff and maintenance).

Each model is fitted as standard with a Dust Class M filter. Filter upgrades are available, such as HEPA filter, and ATEX rated versions for the suction of dusts in explosive atmospheres. This vacuum unit is super silent - between 59 to 63 dB(A). The disposal of the sucked material is very easy and safe thanks to the Longopac “endless” bag.


  • Fine Dusts
  • Coarse Dirt
  • ATEX rated zones
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food Processing

Supplied with:

  •  3.5 m suction hose Ø50 mm
  • Crevice nozzle
  • 8 m connection cable
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£7,055.08 £5,879.23
£7,055.08 £5,879.23
EVO-TEC provides quality assurance and work safety - Made in Germany, EVO-TEC offers a wide range of extraction and cleaning units, as well as accessories.
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Product Details


  • Compact construction, large fixed castors for durability
  • Easy disposal thanks to endless bag Longopac (low contamination risk)
  • Robust chassis for high mobility
  • Can be used on pipe systems or with very long hoses
  • Vacuum gauge for filter monitoring
  • Tool-less, safe filter change
  • Supplied with 3.5 m suction hose Ø50 mm, crevice nozzle and 8 m connection cable

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Technical Specification

EVO-TEC SuperSilent Industrial Vac EPS 2130/2140

EP 2130

  EP 2140
  Dimensions (LxWxH)    1080 x 550 x 1630 mm 
  Voltage 400 V
  Power Consumption 3.0 kW 4.0 kW
  Max. Negative Pressure    260/340 mbar    240/300 mbar 
  Max. Airflow 330 m³ /h 410 m³/h
  Weight   150 kg   160 kg
  Inlet   Ø80 mm
  Hose Length   3.5 m
  Filter Type   "M", "H"
  "M" zone 22, "H" zone 22
  Filter Surface "M"
  FIlter Surface "H"
  1.75 or 5 m²
  + 1.7 m²
  Sound Level EP 2330   59 dB(A)
  Sound Level EP 2340   63 dB(A)