ESTA Centrasog CVS 12

Part No. 87.600

The CENTRASOG CVS 12 unit is a powerful high vacuum central extraction solution for workplace cleaning, metal grinding extraction and plastic dust extraction. The unit uses a simple compact design and combines compressors, filters and control units to create an efficient space saving stationary system. The machines versatility allow sit to be used as a central system, directly connected to machines, workplace cleaning or on-tool extraction.

Application Range

  • Central high vacuum dust extraction system for industrial and handicraft enterprises
  • Machines and workplace cleaning
  • Connecting of portable hand held machine tools
  • In special design as a central vacuum system for car interior cleaning at car wash

Ideal For

  • Plastic dust
  • Metal dust
  • Dirt and shavings
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ESTA is one of the German leaders and manufacturers in the extraction technology area. ESTA offers a broad range of innovative products and tailor-made solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

Product Details

The CENTRASOG CVS 12 combines side channel compressors, a filter unit and a control unit in a single housing into a compact unit that takes up very little space. The unit is available in three performance levels with a maximum air flow volume of 1000 cubic meters per hour and a maximum partial vacuum of 18,000 Pascal for the CENTRASOG CVS 12. Up to 12 extraction points can be operated simultaneously. The two-stage filter system with integrated cyclonic pre-separator and filter cartridge ensure effective filtration. This unit can be used as a central high-vacuum and dust extraction system for industrial and handcraft enterprises can be directly connected to machines and workplace cleaning tools, also with the option to connect the system to hand held machine tools.


  • Low operating costs with cleanable long life filter cartridges
  • Compact and user friendly design
  • Low operating noise through sound-insulated housing
  • High performance side channel blowers - for maximum suction capacity
  • Fully assembled, immediately ready for use
  • Two-stage filter system with integrated cyclone pre-separator and filter cartridge of dust class M
  • Stationary installation
  • Pulse-jet filter cleaning

Special Versions

  • Custom paint finish
  • Variation fo a car interior cleaning
  • Weather-resistant housing for outdoor installation

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