Dustcontrol DC Tromb Turbo L

Part No. 173300, 173200

The Dustcontrol DC Tromb Turbo L is a durable and reliable dust extractor well suited for the suction and removal of dry, harmful and non-combustible dusts. Equipped with a powerful three-phase motor, this model is suitable for use with long hoses (up to 20 m), heavy cleaning and for on-tool extraction from medium sized power tools such as grinders, jack hammers, and saws. Thanks to the tall cyclone, large filters (Polyester & HEPA) it can handle large amounts of debris. Coarse material is collected in a plastic bag.

The DC Tromb Turbo c is also available with a frequence inverter (VFD)*.

Delivered with the following:

  • Suction hose set 7 m, 5 m (Ø50 mm) and 2 m (Ø38 mm) (2126)
  • Longopac (432177)
  • Floor nozzle B450 mm (7236)
  • Suction pipe (Ø50 mm) (7257)Connecting sleeve (2114)
  • Coupling socket (2107)
  • Fine Filter, Polyester (44017)
  • HEPA H13 Filter (44016)

* The VFD model has a hose of 5 m/Ø50 mm (2028)

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£5,871.60 £4,893.00
£5,871.60 £4,893.00
DustControl provides mobile and stationary dust extraction systems to solve your dust problems. DustControl manufactures and customizes portable dust extractors and industrial extraction systems with very high levels of filtration to your requirements.

Product Details

The Dustcontrol DC Tromb Turbo L uses negative pressure to force the air through a suction cover/ nozzle, hose system, pre-separator and dust separator. Coarse separation is carried out inthe machine’s cyclone, providing very effective separation of any coarse dust. Fine dust is separated in the units filter.

Reverse-pulse filter cleaning ensures extended filter life. The machine is fitted with a HEPA filter.

The DC Tromb Turbo is also available with a frequence inverter (VFD)*.This model gives approx. 50% more filter area on the HEPA filter than its predecessor (5% more filter area for the fine filter).


  • HEPA Filtration
  • Powerful three-phase motor
  • Suitable for longer hoses, heavy cleaning and source extraction
  • Semi automatic filter cleaning
  • Overheating protection
  • Available with frequence inverter (VFD)
  • Quick coupling for filter change


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Technical Specification

Dustcontrol DC Tromb Turbo L
 Dimensions (L x W x H) 1390 x 600 x 840 mm
 Max. Airflow Open Inlet 260 m³/h 400 m³/h
 Max. Negative Pressure 28 kPa
 Inlet Ø50 mm
 Power 2200 W
 Hose length Ø50 5 m
 Hose length Ø38 2 m
 Collection container Longopac
 Fine Filter Polyester Area 2.5 m²
 Fine Filter Efficiency 99.9 %
 HEPA Filter Area 2.2 m²
 HEPA Filter Efficiency 99.995 %
 Weight 86 kg 94 kg
 Sound Level 72 dB(A) 82 dB(A)