Dustcontrol DC 5900c 9.2 kW

Part No. 119301

Ideal for semi-mobile systems with many extraction points.

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DustControl provides mobile and stationary dust extraction systems to solve your dust problems. DustControl manufactures and customizes portable dust extractors and industrial extraction systems with very high levels of filtration to your requirements.

Product Details

The DC 5900c 9.2 kW P generates an extremely large amount of  air flow and is therefore optimal for many extraction points. It is generally used in semi-mobile extraction systems where the machine is conveniently placed in a central location and connected to a hose or tubing system. Maximum efficiency is maintained with up to four simultaneous users.

The DC 5900c 9.2 kW P is delivered as standard with the following:

  • 5 plastic sacks
  • HEPA filter (Part No 42807)
  • Fine filter, polyester (Part No 4292)

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