Dustcontrol DC 3800 H Turbo EX

Part No. 13756A0GD0

The Dustcontrol DC 3800 H Turbo EX is a dust extraction unit which is equipped with a three phase turbo motor and a 40 litre collection container.

This extraction unit is suitable for use in ATEX rated zones, 22.

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DustControl provides mobile and stationary dust extraction systems to solve your dust problems. DustControl manufactures and customizes portable dust extractors and industrial extraction systems with very high levels of filtration to your requirements.

Product Details

 The Dustcontrol DC 3800 H Turbo EX an electrically operated, robustly constructed dust extractor for use in conjunction with dust-generating operations in industry. Dust extractors of Type 22 are suitable for the collection of flammable dust in Zone 22. Industrial dust extractors are intended to be used for the suction and removal of dust deposits. Explosion protection is provided by the insulation of the electrical parts and the potential equalisation of the components that come into contact with dust.

The machine can be used at temperatures between +10 and +40°C. The DC 3800 H Turbo EX is suitable for general cleaning operations. The machine operates with negative pressure. Separation of the coarse particles takes place in a cyclone, and separation of the fine dusts take place in the filter unit.The material that has been vacuumed and filtered is collected in a container with a capacity of 40 litres with a plastic sack insert.

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