AirBench VertEX VB Walk-in Dust Extraction Booth

Part Nos. VB-VB1-12-1, VB2-12-1, VB3-12-1, VB1-12-2, VB2-12-2, VB3-12-2, VB1-18-1, VB2-18-1, VB3-18-1, VB1-18-2, VB2-18-2, VB3-18-2

AirBench VertEX VB Walk-in Dust Booth


  • Designed for free-standing parts that require access from all sides
  • VertEX Booth can be configured for dust, fume, or welding and grinding applications


  • 2 mm steel, fully welded
  • Powder coated
  • Easily reconfigured
  • Modular system
  • Booth construction allows almost any size or depth
  • Wide range of base unit options

3 weeks
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AirBench manufactures high air volume, low velocity extraction systems, providing a demonstrable working solution to a wide range of dust and fume problems. All products are built to order in the UK.

Product Details

The VertEx Modular Extraction System forms the basis for a complete extraction booth. Combine multiple VertEx VA or VP units with our modular booth panelling system to create a quickly installed, easy to assemble, low energy use dust extraction booth.

VertEx Booths use ultra low power fans for highly efficient dust capture.

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