AES BC Downdraft Extraction Bench for Stone Dust & Masonry

Part No. BC10-TFM, BC-20-TFM, BC-30-TFM

AES's BC recirculating downdraught bench is the flagship extraction table from the Italian dust and fume experts. It is equipped with a powerful fan and either 2 or 4 highly efficient cleanable cartridge filters. Capable of dealing with heavy duty applications such as granite, marble, limestone, standard brick, concrete and any other stone type containing RCS.

Using compressed air, the filters are cleaned by a pulse system, which frees excess dusts from the filters, causing these dusts to collect in the drawers located at the bottom of the unit. The BC benches are supplied with a 1M silencer, reducing the output noise of the unit and exhausting the clean air at high level.

Side panels on the unit help create a partial enclosure and ensure correct airflow from the downdraught system to further protect the user. An inbuilt pressure gauge constantly monitors system performance.

Power Supply Options:

  • BC 10 & BC 20 - 230 V Single Phase or 400 V 3 Phase
  • BC 30 - 400 V 3 Phase only

TFM = Teflon Flameproof Membrane.

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£6,354.00 £5,295.00
£6,354.00 £5,295.00
GEF are a bespoke Italian Manufacturing firm specialising in the design of local exhaust ventilation equipment which is high in quality. GEF’s versatile range offers products from portable weld fume extractors, downdraft benches for many applications and large filter units for specialist projects.
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Product Details


  • Length from 1 to 3 Metres
  • Filter Surface from 20 to 64 m²
  • 1.1 or 3kW Inlet Fan
  • Control Panel featuring Power Switch, Cleaning Switch and Pressure Gauge
  • Spark Resistant Work Surface. Max load 150 kg/m²
  • 1m side mounted silencer
  • Side Panels
  • Fully Painted Exterior


Available Models 

  Bench Type     Application     Filters     Lengths Available  

Welding and Grinding of Mild Steel

   Flameproof Polyester Filters   2 or 3 Metres

  Stone Dust and Masonry  

   Teflon Membrane Polyester Filters (HEPA H13)    2 or 3 Metres

  Stainless Steel Working, Precious Metals, Plastic Dusts  

   Flameproof Antistatic Polyester Filters    2 or 3 Metres

   Laser Fumes From Plastics, MDF Working, Plywoods, Copper/Brass  

   Teflon Membrane Antistatic Polyester Filters    2 or 3 Met

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