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UK wide provider of Dust & Fume Extraction

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Geovent Geovent specialise in the supply of dust and fume extraction systems as well as industrial ventilation and local exhaust ventilation in automotive workshops. There is a huge range of products to choose from, and Geovent are constantly innovating to provide the best solutions for the market.

Geovent Ø630 LEF/MEF Centrifugal Fans

Part Nos. LEF-MEF-630-35-750, 35-750A, 35-751, 35-752, 35-753, 35-755

Quick Overview

The LEF and MEF centrifugal fans have a closed backward curving B-wheel and directly driven flange motor.

L Series Fans Run at 1400RPM

M Series Fans Run at 2800RPM

Delivery cost: £65

Availability: 7-10 Days

£4,838.98 Excl. VAT £5,806.78 Inc. VAT
£4,838.98 Excl. VAT £5,806.78 Inc. VAT

Product Details

The fan is used for efficient extraction, with a high efficiency up to 87% and it is suitable for PID/constant pressure regulation. The 100% galvanised steel construction allows optimum corrosion resistance for the fans, which also allows them to be installed outdoors.

Ø630 Fan Size

 Fan Model    Max AirFlow m3/h    Power (kW)    Current (A)    Pressure (pa)  
  MEF-630-3*    24100    22    38.1    4500  
  MEF-630-3*    21500    15    26.3    3300  
  LEF-630-3    14000    4    8.23    1600  
  LEF-630-3*    17000    7.5    14.5    2400  
  LEF-630-3*    18200    11    21.6    2650  
  LEF-630-3*    18200    5.5    10.9    2030  
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Technical Specification

Geovent Ø630 LEF/MEF Centrifugal Fans
  • available with a wheel diameter of Ø630
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