Geovent HVU Solo

Part No. 03-951, 03-952, 03-953, 03-954

The Geovent HVU Solo is a high vacuum unit designed for easy portability. It can be placed where it is most suitable. The side channel blower is equipped with a vacuum limiter. HVU Solo is available with a wide range of side channel blower with capacities of pressure up to 35.000 Pa and an air volume of up to 2800 m³/h.

HVU Solo can be used for a wide range of applications such as:

  • Abrasive dust extraction from rotor grinders and vibrating sanders
  • Metal chip extraction from milling, turning and sawing processes
  • General workplace cleaning/vacuuming
  • Extraction of dust and particles in connection with diverse production/cleaning processes, where dust particles etc. must be removed
  • Welding extraction where the extraction is connected to the welding torches
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Geovent specialise in the supply of dust and fume extraction systems as well as industrial ventilation and local exhaust ventilation in automotive workshops. There is a huge range of products to choose from, and Geovent are constantly innovating to provide the best solutions for the market.
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Product Details

Part No. Description [kW]* 50 Hz/60 Hz [Volt]
[m³/h] V/0 Pa
[kPa] Max
 03-951  HVU Solo 5.5 kW 5.5/6.3 3x400 V 590 22 kPa
 03-952  HVU Solo 7.5 kW 7.5/8.6 3x400 V 850 27 kPa
 03-953  HVU Solo 11 kW 11/12.6 3x400 V 1475 19 kPa
 03-954  HVU Solo 15 kW 15/17.3 3x400 V 1475 31 kPa
 03-941 HVU Solo 18 Performance 18.5/21.5 3x400 V 1350 31 kPa
 03-942 HVU Solo 20 Performance 20/25.2 3x400 V 2200 18.5 kPa


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