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Geovent Geovent specialise in the supply of dust and fume extraction systems as well as industrial ventilation and local exhaust ventilation in automotive workshops. There is a huge range of products to choose from, and Geovent are constantly innovating to provide the best solutions for the market.

Geofilter Oil ø160 Oil Mist Filter

Part No. 15-220

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The Geofilter Oil is a direct connection to ducting or central pipework, allowing the effective filtration of lubricant or oil mist from single user cutting machinery. The Geofilter oil also has an oil tap at the rear allowing the captured liquid to be re-circulated into the machine for future use, saving costs on expensive essential liquids.

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Product Details

The GeoFilter Oil is used for the removal of oil mist from the process machinery before it reaches the central piping system. This avoids the oil condensing and clogging in the pipeline and reducting airflow. It is advisable to use an oil separator at each machine to ensure effective filtration of the oil mist and ensure clean airflow throughout the ducting system. In connection with the oil separator, you can use the Mini Arm or ASA arm as shown in the figure below. The filter media, which is made of aluminum mat, is detachable via the removable bottom panel. In the bottom, you have a tap for captured oil, which returns to the machine. The Geofilter Oil allows the process to re-circulate the filtered oil back into the processing machine, saving costs on essential cutting liquids and safely extracting clean air through the duct. The oil separator is finished in epoxy-enameled steel.

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Geofilter Oil ø160 Oil Mist Filter
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