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Replacement Filters for Nederman Filtermax C25 Units

Part Nos. FilterMax-C25-Filter-12373303, 12373270, 12376527, 12373335

Quick Overview

Official replacement cartridge filters for Nederman Filtermax C25 extraction unit. Pack of 4 cartridges.

Different types and sizes of filter available, please see below.

Availability: 10 - 14 Days

£1,545.46 Excl. VAT £1,854.55 Inc. VAT
£1,545.46 Excl. VAT £1,854.55 Inc. VAT

Product Details

These official Nederman replacement filters fit the Filtermax C25 unit. Please see below for specification so the filters.

If you are having difficulty selecting the correct filter, please get in touch and we can guide you towards the appropriate filter type.

  Filter Area  
  Filter Type    Filter Material  


 Part Code 


  Antistatic, PWA-95-10-4, for ignition sensitive medium to coarse particles  

  Aluminium Coated Spun Bound Polyester    99% at 0.5 μm    12373303  

 W3 PTFE Impregnated PW NS-95-12-4, for fumes and fine/medium dusts  

  Non-Stick Spun Bound Polyester    99% at 0.5 μm    12373270

  PTFE Membrane, PW PTFE-95-12-4, for fine to medium particles  

  PTFE Membrane laminated to Polyester  99% at 0.5 μm    12376527  
 10m2/108ft2    Antistatic/PTFE, PWA PTFE-95-10-4, ignition sensitive medium/coarse particles  

  Aluminium Coated Spun Polyester Laminated withPTFE Membrane  

  99% at 0.5 μm    12373335  
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