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Nederman FilterCart Original - No Light in Hood

Part Nos. 12621445-12624745

Quick Overview

The Nederman FilterCart Original mobile filter unit for light welding and extraction applications is suitable for MIG, TIG and Stick Welding of steel. The FilterCart Original is supplied with the Nederman Original Arm fitted onto the unit. A Complete filter is also included with the unit.The LED Light is not provided on this FilterCart Original model.

The FilterCart is ideal for workers who require a portable and reliable source of extraction, as the castor system and versatile, positionable arm allow for maximum manoeuvrability between points of work.

If you are looking to extract fumes from Stainless Steel welding, a W3 certified model of this unit is also available.

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£1,545.00 Excl. VAT £1,854.00 Inc. VAT
£1,545.00 Excl. VAT £1,854.00 Inc. VAT

Product Details

The Nederman FilterCart model has the best performance when it comes to welding applications. The FilterCart Original can also be delivered with a 3 m (10 ft) long arm if a larger working range is needed. Typical application is light welding and extraction operations.

Specifications for FilterCart Original portable extractor

  • Airflow in arm: 750 - 1050 m3 
  • Weight: 71- 73 kg 
  • Arm diameter: 160 mm 
  • Noise level: 73 dB(A) 
  • Filter efficiency: Main filter>99 % -HEPA filter >99.97 % DOP 0.3 mm 
  • Filter area: main filter 35 m2 - HEPA filter 7.5 m2

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Technical Specification

Nederman FilterCart Original - No Light in Hood
  • Dimensions : 1145 x 770 x 1410mm
  • Weight : 73kg
  • Airflow in arm : 750 - 1050 m3/h
  • Power : 110V and 230V Available
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