BenchVent BV570H-H Benchtop Fume Enclosure

Part Nos. 01174-BV570H-H, HE405, PRE405

The BenchVent BV570H-H is a benchtop fume cabinet with a clear acrylic hood for use in dental labs, electronics design and rework, pharmaceutical labs and educational classrooms and workshops.

Estimated lead time 3 - 4 weeks
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Estimated lead time 3 - 4 weeks

£1,194.00 £995.00
£1,194.00 £995.00
BenchVent are dedicated to providing reliable, high quality and cost-effective fume & dust extraction equipment. All products are designed to ensure that you can operate in a cleaner & healthier working environment.

Product Details

The BV570H-H has been designed to capture and extract harmful contaminants where external venting is not possible. The versatile design of the BV570H-H is ideal for the filtration of multiple contaminants such as particles, light powder particulates emanating from: adhesives, solders, light grinding particles and dusts etc. This allows the 570H-H to be used in multiple situations such as dental labs, electronic design and rework, pharmaceutical labs and within education for workshops, classrooms and laboratories.

The T570 Hood has a hinged lid to assist, for example, in positioning weigh scales and the like within the hood. The weighing and handling of potentially harmful powders/particulates, applying adhesives, cleaning solvents, soldering and using small grinding tools etc is carried out within the hood and cleaned air is vented
to the right rear of the cabinet.


  • Filter unit with fan(s)
  • PETG Clear hinged Hood Enclosure
  • Fibre filter
  • E11 HEPA filter
  • Power Lead
  • Data/Warranty Booklet
  BenchVent BV570H-C Dimensions


Comprises of a pre-filter to 15-20 microns followed by a 3.5 kg high grade bonded carbon filter for hydrocarbon (organic solvent, gas) adsorption (BV570H-C). Or alternatively a pre-filter to 15-20 microns with a EPA mini pleat for fine particulate removal to approx 0.3 micron (BV570H-H). Through the process of filtration, adsorption and dilution, operator exposure to potentially hazardous substances is vastly reduced or eliminated.

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Technical Specification

BenchVent BV570H-H Benchtop Fume Enclosure
  Dimensions (Overall)  570 x 335 x 465 mm
  Weight  25 kg
  Air Volume at Free Air  202 m³/h
  Avg. Air Velocity at Filter Face    0.50 m/sec
  Avg. Air Velocity at Shield Face    0.32 m/sec
  Fan Motor Spec  230V, 50Hz, 60W
  Noise Level LAeq   58 dB(A)
  Filters   Fibre Pre Filter - PRE405   
  EPA Particle Filter - HE405