BenchVent BV570H-C Benchtop Fume Enclosure

Part Nos. 01173-BV570H-C, AC200, PRE405

The BenchVent BV570H-C is a small desktop fume cabinet to contain and filter for a cleaner, healthier working environment within dental labs, electronic design and rework, pharmaceutical labs, education and more.

Estimated lead time 3 - 4 weeks
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Estimated lead time 3 - 4 weeks

£1,194.00 £995.00
£1,194.00 £995.00
BenchVent are dedicated to providing reliable, high quality and cost-effective fume & dust extraction equipment. All products are designed to ensure that you can operate in a cleaner & healthier working environment.

Product Details

This small desktop fume cabinet is used to contain and filter contaminant fumes within dental labs, electronic design and rework, pharmaceutical labs, education etc. to create a cleaner, healthier working environment. This cabinet is ideal for use where external venting is impractical, but where the capture and filtration of the harmful contaminant is necessary.

The T570 Hood has a hinged lid to assist, for example, in positioning weigh scales and the like within the hood.
The weighing and handling of potentially harmful powders/particulates, applying adhesives, cleaning
solvents, soldering and using small grinding tools etc is carried out within the hood and cleaned air is vented
to the right rear of the cabinet.


  • Carry Handle
  • Filter unit with fan (Radial Blower - 230V, 50Hz, 60W)
  • PETG Clear hinged Hood Enclosure
  • 1 x Fibre filter
  • 1 x Activated Carbon Filter
  • Power Lead - Sealed electrical wiring andf switch, downstream of filters
  • UL, VDE and CSA Approved
  • Data/Warranty Booklet
  BenchVent BV570H-C Dimensions


Comprises of a pre-filter to 15-20 microns followed by a 3.5 kg high grade bonded carbon filter for hydrocarbon (organic solvent, gas) adsorption (BV570H-C). Or alternatively a pre-filter to 15-20 microns with a EPA mini pleat for fine particulate removal to approx 0.3 micron (BV570H-H). Through the process of filtration, adsorption and dilution, operator exposure to potentially hazardous substances is vastly reduced or eliminated.

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Technical Specification

BenchVent BV570H-C Benchtop Fume Enclosure
  Dimensions (Overall)  570 x 335 x 465 mm
  Weight  25 kg
  Air Volume at Free Air  202 m³/h
  Avg. Air Velocity at Filter Face    0.50 m/sec
  Avg. Air Velocity at Shield Face    0.32 m/sec
  Fan Motor Spec  230V, 50Hz, 60W
  Noise Level LAeq   58 dB(A)
  Filters   Fibre Pre Filter - PRE405   
  Carbon Filter - AC200