HEPA 13 Filter for DustControl DC AirCube 500

Part No. 42692

Official HEPA filter for the DustControl DC 500 AirCube air purifier unit. This HEPA 13 Filter provides the removal of >0.3µm particles with an efficiency of up to 99.997%.
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7-10 Days
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DustControl provides mobile and stationary dust extraction systems to solve your dust problems. DustControl manufactures and customizes portable dust extractors and industrial extraction systems with very high levels of filtration to your requirements.
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Product Details

This official replacement filter from DustControl is made of pleated cellulose and fibreglass. The area of the filter is 4.2m2, and the maximum temperature of the filter is 80 degrees Celsius.

When the suction power starts to drop due to excessive dust load, this is indicated by the red warning light – replace the pre-filter. Before changing the filter, make sure that the outlet is free when the warning light is lit. If the suction power is still weak after pre-filter replacement, replace the HEPA filter. In case of heavy dust load, the service life is shorter.

AirCube 500 Filter Change Video

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