Nederman MFS (Modular Filter System)

Part Nos. 00995-12600144, 12600344, 12600544, 12613144, 12612944

Ideal for your capture at source extraction system The Modular Filter System simply solves the need of cleaning the air from particles, smoke, dust, gases and smells. The modular construction means that the system is suitable for both small workspaces and larger manufacturing works. By supplementing with Nederman fans, extraction arms and control boxes, you can build up a solution for every workplace.

Typical applications are

  • TIG and spot welding,
  • Laboratory extraction,
  • Food ingredients and odours
  • Chemical handling.

Simple and quick installation – Easy to expand, can be supplemented with fan, extraction arm and control box ( not included - available separately ). Economical and efficient.

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With 70 years of leading expertise from a wide variety of industries, Nederman knows what it takes to make your business clean, safe and compliant. Nederman's ranges of clean air solutions meet high expectations and changing needs, helping you maximize production efficiency, improve work environments and reduce environmental impact.
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Product Details

The MFS offers maximum flexibility through its unique modular concept of standard mounting and filter elements. Virtually any combination can be achieved, from a single filter assembly, to larger multi-stage filter systems combining particle, HEPA and Gas. For filtration of both particles and gases, place the particle filter before the gas filter. To increase the total airflow capacity place further filter assemblies in parallel.

MFS with Particle filter

  • For welding smoke, dust and large particles.
  • A complete filter unit includes filter cartridge, console and two connections. 

MFS with Micro / HEPA filter

  • For ultra fine and contaminating particles.
  • A complete filter unit includes filter cartridge, console and two connections

MFS with Gas / Carbon filter

  • Absorbs smells, gases, smoke and organic solvents (toluene and methylethylketone).
  • A complete filter unit includes filter cartridge, console and two connections.

Installation Example of MFS

How to replace the Nederman Modular Filter System

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