Filtermist Afterfilter for S200

Part No. 20-206-10-000

The 200AFAM is specifically designed for conenction to the Filtermist S200 Oil Mist Filtration Unit.

Afterfilters are designed for the removal of oil smoke and any submicron particles that have passed through the Filtermist oil mist collector unit. The afterfilters are retrofitted to the Filtermist unit and fit easily over the exhaust end of the unit using clips to hold it in place.

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Filtermist provides an extensive range of products designed to ensure the air in production facilities is free from contaminants such as oil mist, dust and fumes. Filtermist aims to protect people by insuring cleaner, safer, and productive working environments.

Product Details

The afterfilter is a media type filter cartridge creating a physical barrier through which the air must pass,. The filters' life depends on the application and any application producing smoke or very fine oil particles should be fitted with an afterfilter.

The filters are contructed of filter media formed into continuous pleats, injection moulded end cap at the top and a fully moulded base with integrally moulded hooks. The pleated media is then supported by aluminium mesh on the outside. There is a foam seal around the base to ensure the air flow passes through the media filter. This construction makes it very light and robust.

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