Bofa DentalPRO 400 Bag Filter

Part Nos. 01151-A1030378

The DentalPRO 400 Bag Filter is a replacement bag filter for the BOFA DentalPRO 400 dust fume extractor.
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BOFA designs, develops and manufactures fume and dust extraction systems for a wide range of industrial sectors and applications. BOFA creates technologies that protect the health of millions of workers around the world …while at the same time improving industrial process performance by minimising disruption to production.

Product Details

The DentalPRO 400 Bag Filter is designed with Polyester filter media and has a holding capacity of 6.4 litres.

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Technical Specification

Bofa DentalPRO 400 Bag Filter
  Filter Holding Capacity    6.4 Ltrs
  Filter Media  Polyester  
  Filter Media Construction    Bag Filter 
  Filter Efficiency    F8 (95% @ 0.9 microns)