E-Pure ASPRA S400-L

Part No. IEBE000001

The E-Pure ASPRA S400-L provides:

  • Efficient removal of fine dust
  • Healthy and clean indoor air
  • No risk of fungal growth and mold like in textile/paper filters

It also:

  • Kills and captures viruses
  • Purifies the air in the whole room
  • Equals to HEPA filtration
  • Is more effective for particulate matter than F or G filters
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    Product Details

    The E-Pure ASPRA S400-L permanently removes viruses, bacteria, harmful dust, fine dust, pollen and fungi from the air in the room. Due to the standard integrated Active Carbon Filter, the air purifier also removes gases and odors from the air.

    The air purifier offers essential air purification and provides two settings: on and off. When the air purifier is on, it will offer optimal air purification in the highest capacity (400 m³/h).

    It is specifically designed for air purification in hospitals, waiting areas, isolation rooms, hallways and care homes. Suitable for spaces smaller than 200 m³.

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    Technical Specification

    E-Pure ASPRA S400-L
     Settings   On/Off 
     Capacity   400 m³/h 
     Power  <20 W
     Sound  49 dB(A) 
     Efficiency   97%
     Size   675 x 290 x 375 mm 
     Colours  White RAL 9016
     Weight  16 kg
     Materials   Galvanised steel
     Collectors   Standard collector, Active Carbon Filters 
     Air cleaning technique   ASPRA, Active Carbon
     Power input  230 V / 50-60 Hz
     Installation  Mounted to wall or floor placement
     Regulation  Manual
     Including  Collector, Active Carbon Filters