ESTA SRF K-15 Mobile Welding Fume Filter

Part No. 55.212

The ESTA SRF K-15 is capable of filtering welding fumes at an efficiency of 99.9% to then be re-circulated back into the workplace at two workstations simultaneously. This versatile mobile unit is suitable for continuous duty applications and can extract high volumes of air (950 m³/h), allowing larger amounts of fume to pass through the filtration. The use of the cleanable permanent filter cartridges allow the unit to have a very long filter service life. The compact and user friendly design with the patented counter-balance tilting mechanism allows for easy filter cleaning and collection of welding fume.

Application Range

  • Extraction during welding of all metals
  • Intermittent and continuous duty operation
  • A mobile device for two extraction points or for connection to pipe systems
  • Optional: soldering fume extraction

Ideal for

  • Welding fume
  • Soldering fume
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    £4,794.00 £3,995.00
    ESTA is one of the German leaders and manufacturers in the extraction technology area. ESTA offers a broad range of innovative products and tailor-made solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

    Product Details

    The SRF K-15 is a mobile welding fume filter for a wide range of applications. Welding and soldering fumes are filtered at 99.9% efficiency, and then routed back into the work area. Thanks to the high air volume flow even larger clouds of fumes can be easily extracted. The cleanable permanent filter cartridges ensure low operating costs in the long term. The more powerful version SRF K-15 comes into its own when there are large amounts of smoke and when extraction is required at two workstations simultaneously. The SRF K-15 can be connected to two extraction arms allowing two workstations to be efficiently extracted from simeltaneously, the unit can also be connected to pipe ducting and can be used as a stationary installation with fixed extraction points.


    • High performance smoke capture at two extraction locations
    • Mobile for versatile use and suitable for continuous duty applications
    • Compact and user friendly design
    • Low operating costs through cleanable cartridge filters
    • Easy disposal of the collected dust
    • Cleanable long life cartridge filters (Dust classification M)
    • Mobile installation
    • Manual standard filter cleaning
    • Manual rotation filter cleaning (Optional)
    • Fully automatic filter cleaning (Optional)
    • Connection to extraction arm(s) - 2 max. (Optional)

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