Cone Connector (45-25mm L=165mm) for EHC P15 Portable Filters

Part No. 4060195

The following spare connectors can be used with the EHC Portable Exhaust Filters P15
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EHC Teknik specialises in the manufacturing of exhaust emission filters for indoor movement of vehicles. EHC designs connectors and filters for small cars to large lorries. Ideal for use in garages and warehouses, several models are available to purchase depending on vehicle sizes.

Product Details

The EHC P15 is an exhaust cleaner for the temporary driving of vehicles in factories, ships, workshops, exhibition halls etc.

The filter works upon starting the engine. The filter separates mutagenic, cancerous and allergy-producing substances attached to particles in the exhaust system. The unit attaches to the exhaust pipe and allows the user to drive or idle cars indoors.

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